Many blind individuals across the world want to learn how to play guitar. This instrument allows a person to play many genres of music, ranging from classical to modern-day heavy metal. Unfortunately, many resources are catered to a visual audiance. As a result, blind individuals seeking to learn the instrument may face problems when attempting to use these resources. In particular, fingerings of commonly-used chords are often presented visually. Obviously, for a person who lacks vision, these pictures will be of little benefit. Therefore, this site serves as an introduction to guitar written by a person who is blind, and who can relate to others who cannot perceive images.

What is Here?

At this website, you will find the following resources:

  1. Introduction to Music Theory
    1. Intervals
    2. Types of Intervals
    3. What Makes a Chord?
    4. Scales and Keys
  2. Introduction to Guitar Chords and Fingerings
    1. Guitar Tuning
    2. Five Base Chord Shapes
    3. Table of Chords and Their Fingerings
  3. External Resources
    1. Guitar Supplies
    2. Music Resources