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Programming Projects

This page contains several projects I've developed over time. It is by no means a definitive list. There are several of my other coding endevors over at Github , including Parallax (a program which turns colors into audible tones), Drumpad (a virtual MIDI keyboard using libfluidsynth), and Ecaterm (a terminal UI for the popular Linux-based DAW Ecasound).


Yabe (eBay spelled backwards) is an eBay item browser I wrote in Python using requests, the BeautifulSoup HTML parsing library and the browser Python module. Yabe takes one argument (the desired keyword/keywords) and displays an indexed list of search results. Entering the number of the result opens the said result in the web browser of choice. You can get it here .


I wanted a crypto ticker that didn't rely on an API, so I created getcoins, a Python script using requests and BeautifulSoup to display a list of the top cryptocurrencies (the top 100), their prices and the 24-hour change (in percentages). You can get it here .


This is a dynamic-link library writtenin C++ created for the purpose of speaking text using the Microsoft text-to-speech API. It was originally created to provide text-to-speech functionality for a port of the popular Nintendo Gameboy release of Pokemon for visually impaired people, and culminated in a project called Braillemon. The library is multithreaded and essentially has a main loop which utilizes atomicized variables to control concurrency access. The main loop scans these variables for changes while another thread is responsible for waiting for function calls to the library which modify the atomicized variables. Released under the BSD license. You can get it here.


A game written in the spirit of Bop-It that uses DTMF telephone tones. Written in C++, this game employs SDL2 for input and sound output. This game is audio only and was written to train the ear to recognize DTMF tones which are used in the telephone network. Released under the GPL. You can get it here.

Wasteland Rebels

This is a port of a game originally written for MS-DOS in 1994. Written in C++, the aim of this project was to port a text-based game from MS-DOS to any platform with a C++ compiler. Although the original game was fun and intriguing, it was also littered with bugs and not playable on modern operating systems. The port attempts to address all of these problems. Released under the GPL. You can get it here.


Although not extremely useful in the real world, this was a C++ program I wrote during coursework for my B.S. in computer science/mathematics. It loads matrices from files in a column-row format and determines properties like symmetry/antisymmetry, transitivity and reflexivity. It was fun to write, so I'll put it here for the sake of nostalgia. You can get it here.

The Bookstore

This was a project for a database course written in PHP and Javascript that uses SQL/MariaDB to simulate a bookstore; like matrices it serves little real-world utility, but it was fun to write and so it deserves a place in the collection. You can get it here.